Upcoming Webinars
  • Busy Season is Over... Now What?
    With busy season behind us, now is the perfect time is to reflect on what went well, what can be adjusted for next year, and how best to plan for the months ahead.  Executive Leadership Coach Jon Lokhorst will provide a framework for evaluation and a...
  • How to Deliver a Virtual Family Office Experience
    According to CPA Trendlines, 36% of affluent business owners are ready to make a switch to a new CPA this year.  They want a "Better CPA Experience." This course will illuminate you as to what 7+ figure tax clients are looking for from thei...
  • Ethics for Accountants with Herb Rubenstein
    Ethics for Accountants presents new information on recent changes in the AICPA Code of Conduct, plus provides new information about international ethics rules for accountants to consider.  In addition the course provides ten ways that accountant...
  • Topic 842: An Introduction to the New Lease Accounting Rules
    Join lease accounting expert and LeaseQuery founder George Azih for an introduction to the new lease accounting rules in Topic 842.  This event will be the first of a 6-part series designed to teach you everything you need to know about the upcoming...
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